15th to 20th July, 2018
  Van Mildert College

Durham University will host the Maggini String Quartet Summer School in 2018. Van Mildert College is to be our home for this year's course.  Collingwood College is undergoing major building works with the construction of a 200 seat Arts Centre facility thanks to an extraordinarily generous donation. (Click the link for details) We are delighted to have been offered superb working spaces and accommodation in Van Mildert College, which is just across the road from Collingwood.

Aerial view

This is an old aerial photograph of "Mildert" which only shows the foundations of the Deerness block.

College Entrance

This is where it all starts ....

..... and here is Elvet Hill House, with spacious solid rooms where the bulk of the work will take place.

Elvet Hill

 A typical classroom accommodates 40 students so we will certainly have plenty of playing room.

                          teaching room