Lecture recital

The open rehearsal is genuine rehearsal - a chance for you to observe the methods the Maggini use to prepare for performance. The lecture recital is a chance to learn about a work itself. Programme notes or a pre-performance talk can only go so far. The Maggini take the opportunity to talk in depth about the piece and the way they see it and, by demonstration, reveal the work to an "insider" audience. It's a fascinating opportunity to get to grips with a work and its preparation.

Maggini performance

You've arrived in Durham, sorted out your practice room and your bedroom, greeted old friends and already made some new ones. You're feeling replete after your evening meal and a little excited at the thought of the work and opportunities ahead of you. The high point of the first day of the course is the concert by the Maggini quartet which marks the formal opening of  the Summer School. The programme for 2017 will be Beethoven Op.95 and the Elgar quartet.
A limited number of concert only tickets will be available at £20 each or why not join us for dinner and the concert for a combination price of £37 per person. Please contact us by email with a heading Maggini-Durham Concert 2017 or call Bob Siddle on 01423 531442


The week really is in your hands. The coaches offer you their advice and encouragement through the week.  A  performance by the participants, to share your efforts and maybe provide an achievement target, seems a logical way of summing the week up in a semi formal setting. Performing is never compulsory but all are welcome to offer something. While the concert is the summation of the week's work the festivities don't stop there. The final evening is a chance to let your musical hair down or just collapse in a heap. Something always seems to happen ..... feel free to make suggestions